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  • We have worked with the Office of Education in the Academic Health Center (AHC) at the University of Minnesota since 2005. The AHC is the administrative operation that coordinates six of the University’s health schools – Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dental, Public Health, and Veterinary Medicine. The overarching focus of our work together has been to promote greater collaboration in the health systems based on improving and implementing interprofessional education of health professionals. Our most recent work has been bringing together leaders from Minnesota health systems (hospitals, clinics, etc.) and education leaders from within the University to jointly develop strategies and tools for achieving the overarching objectives. As a first step in that work, we designed and facilitated a two-day meeting to engage 100 health professions and University leaders. The strategic outcome was the identification and definition of traits and skills they believe are most vital for successful collaboration among the various health professions. We designed and facilitated a follow-up full-day meeting with 50 health systems leaders and University educators to collaborate on identifying and prioritizing key opportunities for improving inter-professional education in the AHC. That work continues with a meeting that happens later this month, in conjunction with a Community University Board was created to help monitor and improve health education and training. The AHC just received a $12 million grant to establish the first center for inter-professional education and training for the health professions. The grant was prepared building on much of the work in which we have been involved as a strategic partner.

  • We designed and facilitated an Older Adult Hunger Summit, sponsored by AARP in Virginia. The one-day event brought together more than 50 leaders from Virginia’s departments of health, agriculture, social services, and aging, as well as leaders from regional food banks, faith communities, senior service and non-profit justice organizations, the business community, and academia. The purpose for the meeting was to identify opportunities and create volunteer work groups to raise awareness about adult hunger issues, increase and improve community support, and to influence policy. We ended up with targeted projects in each of those areas, and 22 year-long commitments to work in those groups. We also designed in a component to get personal commitments to help deal with adult hunger issues from those not able to volunteer for the work groups. 

  • We’ve worked with Seward Co-op since 2005. We’ve been helping the leadership team create and implement strategies to grow the operation – without losing sight of its guiding goals and principles. We have worked with the leadership team, coached key managers, and conducted meetings to engage all staff members and co-op owner/ members in creative planning processes. In the time we have worked with Seward, the co-op has built a new store, more than tripled sales, more than doubled staff sized, and earned numerous awards for its business practices and quality of work life. We created and facilitated a process to engage staff members in developing a Scorecard for measuring financial, environmental, community, workplace, and customer experience goals that define the co-op’s success factors. We also have worked with the co-op’s Board of Directors. This work has led to additional projects with Linden Hills Co-opEastside Food Co-opValley Natural Foods Co-opMississippi Market Co-op, and the North American Fair Trade Stakeholder Council.

  • We worked ADC Telecommunications to design and facilitate a tailored workshop, Leading Innovation, for the company’s top 400 leaders. We worked with leaders in Singapore, the U.K., Australia, German, Mexico, and throughout the United States.

  • We’ve worked the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau, helping them sharpen their annual marketing plan, and to work on longer-term strategic change. We first worked with the BCVB sales team to identify market opportunities, develop ideas for increasing leads generated, set priorities aligned with the bureau’s overall goals, and create specific action plans. We’ve designed and facilitated numerous annual planning retreats, and worked with the CEO and her leadership team on clarifying their vision and strategy for becoming a destination marketing organization that can meet the changing demands of their unique marketplace.

  • We have partnered with BI Worldwide on several projects with clients such as US Bank, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Harley Davidson, Western Union, and Coca Cola. We’ve been involved in doing everything from project analysis and blueprinting to client relations and instructional design, facilitation and process design for change management and training projects. The project with Coca Cola was a change management project related to the implementation of a new software system for scheduling technician services. It included development of a supervisor coaching program. 

  • We worked over an eight-month period with SuperValu on a change management and training project focused on restructuring and realigning vice presidents, area sales directors, and sales consultants in an independent sales and marketing organization.

  • We worked for almost a year with the American Lung Association of Virginia to design and facilitate a first-ever Tuberculosis Summit in that state. The Summit brought together health professionals, legislators, educators and leaders from the State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to generate innovative and collaborative solutions to fight an abhorrently high incidence of Tuberculosis in the state.

  • In addition to our ongoing projects with the AHC, we have worked on numerous other projects at the University of Minnesota, including facilitating the Board of Regents through updates of their strategic plans, and working with the Futures Committee of the School of Public Health to develop long-term education strategies. Our work with the University of Minnesota AHC was extended to include a project involving a partnership between the University and Mayo Clinic. We worked with the Vice President of the AHC and the CEO of Mayo to design and facilitate a process to help this partnership come up with a breakthrough strategy for the Minnesota Partnership on Biotechnology and Medical Genomics

  • We worked at the University of Kentucky with the Provost, deans, department chairs, faculty members, and a strategic planning team to identify action steps to implement a plan to become a top-20 university. We worked with three different groups, ranging in size from 15 to 45. We created a 36-page summary of the outcomes and recommendations generated during those meetings.

  • The YMCA of the USA asked us to create a training program on executive coaching to help launch an innovative program to match retired YMCA CEOS with new executives. We delivered the pilot course, conducted a follow-up evaluation with that first group, conducted training for a second group of coaches, and then created a set of facilitator guides and student materials so the program could be continued internally.

  • For the Nonprofit Alliance of Northeast Connecticut, we designed and facilitated a daylong meeting for more than 70 people – including state legislators, municipal leaders, and executives of nonprofit organizations. The intent of this project was to generate ideas and action plans to enhance collaboration and improve resource management to deliver better overall outcomes for the families and communities served by the Alliance members. As a result of the process we designed and facilitated, this group reached consensus on a top-priority project and agreed-upon next steps.

  • We worked with a leadership team at RBC Dain Rauscher to create a development plan for a new business that had been under consideration – but not implemented – for years.

  • We have worked with the Minnesota Chapter of Meeting Professionals International since 2002, helping the Board of Directors develop its first-ever and ongoing strategic plans, and helping build strategies for increasing marketing and partnership opportunities between supplier and planner members of the organization.

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