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Hope and Forgiveness...

by Brian McDermott on 08/31/15

The nine women in this chorus, The Lady Lifers, are serving life sentences in prison in Pennsylvania. Under that state's laws "life" means there is no option for parole. Their only hope for ever walking free is for commutation by the governor -- something that has happened twice since 1989.

I clicked to watch this 9-minute video not knowing most of those details. I was compelled by current events and questions about social justice to follow the link. I come away still not knowing the full individual stories, but compelled again -- this time to spread their shared story... our shared story.

We've been dealing with race and poverty issues in the United States for a long time, and we don't have things figured out. Until I saw this video, these women were out of sight out of mind.  The thing that moves me most is that they are not pleading innocence, but they are posing a universally important question: Is it right or even beneficial for our society to broadly and irrevocably strip part of our community of all hope of freedom and mercy? Is that who we want to be?

I believe it's worth seeing these issues through different eyes and hearing them  through different voices. If you agree, watch and please share this video.

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